VirtualBox 3.0.0 ebuilds

As usual new ebuilds are available on jokey's overlay[1],

this release introduced some interesting features like an initial/experimental

support for DirectX accelleration with windows guest, talking about ebuilds the relevant news are:

  • app-emulation/virtualbox-modules: added support for the new kernel module vboxnetadp.
  • app-emulation/virtualbox-ose: fixed problematic mesa ...


After (about) two long months, finally i'm back online,

"new" house[1], my "old" adsl connected again.

Serve static files during Django development

Maybe it's old/or and documented[1] but yesterday i was looking for an easy

way to serve static files (for istance css,images,etc.) with Django using the development webserver.

After a quick search i found a solution

(ok maybe it's not the _best_ way to do ...