Today, after a beta testing period, VirtualBox 2.2.0 was released[1],

i just bumped the ebuilds for:

  • app-emulation/virtualbox-bin
  • app-emulation/virtualbox-ose
  • app-emulation/virtualbox-modules
  • app-emulation/virtualbox-ose-additions

To build this release of virtualbox-ose updated versions of dev-util/kbuild[2] and net-libs/gsoap[3] are needed, respectively:

  • >=dev-util/kbuild-0.1.5-r1
  • >=net-libs/gsoap-2.7.12-r1

I hope to bump the rest ( virtualbox-guest-additions; xf86-*-virtualbox ) tomorrow,ebuilds are on jokey's overlay[2] and all the additional files required are present on my website as usual.


[2] The minimal requirement is 0.1.5 r2274 the one present in portage and currently available for download is 0.1.5 r2259] so i created an updated tarball.

[3] This dependency is needed to build the vboxwebsrv webservice.


UPDATE: (2009-04-12)

I just commited to jokey's overlay[1] all the missing ebuilds,

it took more than expected due to various changes to the build system,

and on the sources (especially for xf86-video-virtualbox were ugly

hacks were implement to build the opengl part).

I suspect that the video driver (xf86-video-virtualbox) [that is built from

OSE sources on gentoo] is not 100% compatible with linux guests running on PUEL (virtualbox-bin) hosts, some OpenGL components for this driver are not part of the OSE distribution, stay tuned

for updates.


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